This Anthropomorphic Furniture is Incredibly Realistic

Thanks to pop culture, some of us have always wanted living, anthropomorphic furniture in our homes. You can blame things like Beauty and the Beast and especially Pee-wee’s Playhouse for that particular obsession. Well, we don’t quite have living furniture with working human appendages at the moment. But we do have the next best thing.

This Anthropomorphic Furniture is Incredibly Realistic_1

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Via Laughing Squid, we’ve discovered the incredible creations of a furniture designer by the name of Chris Wolston. The artist, who resides in both Brooklyn, New York and Medellin, Colombia, recently created a set of anthropomorphic wicker chairs that are incredibly unique. And to be honest, they are also a little bit creepy. But creepy in a truly wonderful way, of course. You can check out some images of Wolston’s wild furniture creations down below:

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Each of these chairs is painstakingly woven with sustainable wicker which was grown in the Amazon. They were first revealed to the world in the Future Perfect exhibition last year, and are also a part of Wolsten’s  “Forbidden Fruit” collection.

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Both of these chairs look as though they would fit perfectly inside the world of a Tim Burton movie. Although I personally have watched Ghostbusters one too many times to probably ever want to sit in a chair that has human arms attached to it, I can still see why someone would want these for their own home. They definitely provide a unique aesthetic and probably would lead to many talking points.

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With both humanoid arms and legs, the only things these pieces of furniture don’t have is a human-like head. But that would just be one level above creepy, so maybe it’s for the best that Wolston decided against it. To see more of Chris Wolston’s amazing creations, be sure to head on over to his Instagram.

Featured Image: Pee-wee Pictures

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