Is Another DEADPOOL Animated Series in the Works?

While Deadpool sliced and diced his way through the competition at the box office in 2018, there was one arena where Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth seemed unable to succeed: animation. Back in 2017 it was announced that Donald Glover was creating an adult-oriented Deadpool animated series for FX, but it unfortunately died faster than X-Force did in Deadpool 2. After its ignominious cancellation, Glover released an excellent satirical script online and some leaked test footage gave us a look at what might have been. For a long time it seemed as thought that was all we would be getting, but not all hope for a Deadpool animated series is lost, according to the character’s co-creator Rob Liefeld. While stopping by our studio to chat about Once Upon a Deadpool and the forthcoming X-Force movie, Liefeld told Nerdist that there will, in fact, be another Deadpool series coming down the pipeline.

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While Liefeld assured us that he has “no inside information,” he also told us that an unnamed Marvel executive told him, “Don’t worry, Robert, we’re going to give you a Deadpool cartoon,” so we’ll just have to wait and see what actually happens. Given Disney’s planned rollout of their family-friendly streaming service Disney+ next year, it is unlikely that we’ll see an adult-focused Deadpool cartoon anytime soon. Perhaps Once Upon a Deadpool can serve as a test case for not only inserting Wade Wilson into the MCU, but also whetting audiences’ appetites for a slightly less foul-mouthed version of the character both in live action and in animation. Whatever happens, it will sadly be without the artistic stylings of Donald Glover at the helm. Nothing is official just yet, but we’ll continue to keep an eye on this story as it hopefully develops.What you would want to see from a Deadpool animated series? Do you think it would work with a more family-friendly focus? Should Ryan Reynolds voice Wade Wilson? Let us know in the comments below! 

Images: Marvel; Fox

Additional reporting by Markeia McCarty, Kristian Odland, and Jesse B. Gill.

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