What if DOCTOR WHO Starred a Dalek?

Part of the beauty of Doctor Who from a creative perspective is that the Doctor can be almost anything to any writer, which allows for actors as different as John Hurt and Jodie Whittaker to inhabit the role. But they have all stayed confined in one respect: the space-faring Time Lord has always assumed the appearance of a human on the outside.But what if that could change? What if the Doctor, instead of being designed for human actors in a human world, were a Dalek instead? On a show designed to entertain other Daleks? That’s what the parody team at Mashed have imagined with “Dalek Who,” and it’s pretty funny.

If Daleks came up with their own version of Doctor Who, for one thing, the central character would have no regrets whatsoever about the Time War. Any moments hinging on emotion would be rejected, and most opportunities to help ignored. The companion might be a Cyberman, and Weeping Angels far less of a threat to cyborgs that never blink. Several familiar scenes play out quite differently, and the kicker is just how Dalek fans react to the show. Apparently they’re not so different from humans at times.They never explain why a Dalek would wear a scarf, though. Then again, Tom Baker never explained why he always wore one in every climate, either. Perhaps the biggest question remains: if the Peter Cushing Dalek movies also exist in some form in this reality, would he just be a human pretending to be a Dalek?

Image: Mashed

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