ANIMAL CROSSING Finally Hitting the Switch in 2020

It was the one game that every Nintendo fan was hoping for during this presentation, and it is now official. Animal Crossing is coming to the Switch! Animal Crossing: New Horizons will release in 2020 and you can watch the first trailer below!

The trailer showcases the gorgeous animation that fans have come to know and love, but the big change here is that instead of being a townsperson or even a mayor like in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it looks like realtor extraordinaire Tom Nook is getting into the desert island business and the game will focus on the player building a whole new world. The trailer features a whole lot of Animal Crossing goodness as well as some new moves like using a stick to jump over the rivers that run through the town.

Fans are rejoicing online as the super cute gaming franchise has long seemed like the perfect fit for the Switch, and it has been seven years since the last full Animal Crossing game was released for the 3DS. Despite the nine month wait this is still incredibly good news and has quickly jumped to the top of our most anticipated games of 2020 list!

The big questions now are who else will appear in the game? We know that Tom Nook will be there to drive us all into debt, which means his children will probably be around running some kind of overpriced goods store. What about Isabelle?  Will she still be there to help? And what about all those very annoying townspeople? Who will appear at your door at an unreasonable time asking for an apple or a carpet? Only time will tell.

Images: Nintendo

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