ANDOR Reveals Vel Sartha’s True Familial Connections

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Since she first appeared in Andor as a rebel leader of the Aldhani operation, we’ve been wondering just what Vel Sartha’s connection is to the nascent rebel power structure was. Well, in episode nine of Andor we found out. It turns out that Vel, played by Faye Marsay, is the cousin of Mon Monthma herself. And thus, she is also from a wealthy elite family on Chandrila. In the previous episode, another character said that Vel “was a rich girl, trying to run away from her family.” Now we know just how prominent that family is.

Vel Sartha (Faye Marsay) on Andor.

Vel seems to have a somewhat icy (but still loving) relationship with her cousin Mon, but in her own words, “the Rebellion comes first.” Mon’s husband chastised her for not being married, as on their world, betrothal as teenagers is common. They tend to marry young—Mon got married as a teen. Mon privately expresses doubts to Vel about the extreme measures the rebels have taken in recent days. But Vel reminds her of why they are doing all of this. “We’ve chosen a side. We’re fighting against the dark.” And nothing is as dark as Palpatine’s reign.

Vel Sarth and Kleya meet on Coruscant.

Mon Mothma gives Vel a piece of advice. She tells her to “be a spoiled rich girl for a while.” Basically, she’s telling her to take some notes from Batman’s playbook. In other words, play the part of the ultra-rich playgirl. Play it so well that no one will clock her as someone fighting in the trenches for freedom. Pretending to be selfish is the perfect cover. Especially with the ISB out for blood after the events of the past few episodes. We’ll have to see if Vel Sartha takes that advice in future episodes of Andor. Being a part of the Rebellion is a very dangerous business. And as Rogue One showed us, not everyone makes it out alive.

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