An Interview With Critical Role’s Trinket: If You Can Bear It

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Did you think we were done with our Critical Role interview series? Then there is a vital member of Vox Machina you seem to have forgotten: Trinket! Yes, the loyal bear companion has been there to claw, bite, and cannonball our heroes out of some pretty sticky situations. So what does Vex’ahlia’s furry friend have to say about the show?  Read on.

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So Trinket, no one really knows the full story of how you and Vex became companions. What exactly happened?

Roar! Growl growl. Moan growl growl roar. Maouf grr. Growl growl growl growl growl growl growl growl growl. Grr roar roar growl grr growl pffbt roar roar growl grr growl grr grr growl grr mouff.

Wow, that’s a pretty epic tale. I’m surprised Matt hasn’t made it a plot point in the adventure yet.

Grrr… mouf grr growl. Growl growl pfffpht. Mrff fwooah grr grr. Growl growl. Roar. Bear pun. Growl growl growl.

Why did you choose to be a bear?

Growl! Maouff roar! Grr grr growl. Growl moan growly growl. Pffbt maouff grr growl grr. Growl growl growl grr mrrph oumph grr grr grr. Mouff growl grr growl mouff growl growl grr, growl mouff, growl grr grr grr growl humph.

How do you feel about Matt impersonating you on the show?

Mouff grr growl bear pun growl moan growl grr mouff. Pffbt grr roar roar growl grr growl roar. Growl growl growl, grr growl, growl moan growl mouff, grr growl growl gowl.

So Trinket, what do you REALLY think of Scanlan? Be honest.

Mrrff growl growl grr short. Growl growl growl growly growl growl. Pffbt. Growl grr Burt Reynolds? Growl growl moan grr growl. Mouff grr growl grr mouff mouff growl.

What’s the dumbest move you’ve seen from Vox Machina?

Roar grr roar roar. Mouff grr growl grr grr pffbt mouff Grog. Growl growl growl. Grr mouff growl growl roar roar grr growl, grr grr grr growl pffbt growl grr growl growl. Mouff growl grr growl, roar growl grr growl roar grr. Grr growl grr, mouff mouff phfffffffffffbt roar.

Well, nobody’s perfect. What about the smartest move?


Good point. Moving on. What advice would you give to other bears looking to play tabletop RPGs?

Grr arrrfg grr growl growl growl grr mouff pffbt grr growl. Growl growl grr growl bear pun growl moan grr grr. grr grr growl roar grr growl maouff grr, growl mouff grr growl, growl growl grr growl.

Trinket, thank you so much for your heartfelt and insightful interview. It’s been an absolute pleasure.

Rooooooooooar! Bear pun.

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