An Army of Dabbing Robots Set a New Guinness World Record

Sorry, dancing robot army, your world record has been beaten by… a dabbing robot army.

You might remember that record-setting robot dance party in the summer of 2017, where about 1000 dancing bots got their robo-groove on. Guinness World Records is at it again, this time verifying a new record of 1,372 robots dancing simultaneously and in perfect unison.

The event was set up by TIM S.p.A,. an Italian cell phone service company, Guinness World Records said on its web site. Over 1,300 Alpha 1S robots were meticulously placed and programmed to dance and yes, dab, in sync.

The aluminum and plastic robots measure just over one foot tall, which you would think would make them seem quite adorable, but their glowing, slightly menacing eyes are a bit unnerving. (If those blue eyes suddenly flipped to red, I’d get very nervous, myself.)

The dab-bots were created by UBTECH Robotics, the Chinese company that also set up the very first record-breaking dance party, reported Guinness World Records. When science fiction writers first imagined terrible robot armies, they probably never predicted there would actually be scientists working together to build one in 2018—to dance.

Do you think our future robot overlords will hold the dabbing against us? Tell us in the comments.

All Images: Guinness World Records

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