AMERICAN GODS Will Bring Starmen in Season 2, and More Behind-the-Scenes Tidbits

It’s time to meet Mr. World. American Gods introduced the New God, a mystery man who seems to be the leader of the group–just like Mr. Wednesday is with the Old Gods. Mr. World has an intimidating air about him. Even though we’ve seen the extent of Wednesday’s wit and his knack for getting out of seemingly impossible situations, I was still concerned his police station encounter with Mr. World’s regime was going to be the end of him. Elsewhere in the episode, Laura talked with Shadow and came face to face with a very angry leprechaun.

As they do each week on Twitter, showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green and co-producer Loretta Ramos shared behind-the-scenes images and notes about the latest episode, “Lemon Scented You.” They shared designs for the opening Coming to America animation, storyboards, and a tease for season two.To begin, let’s look at designs for Atsula, Yanu, and Gugwei by the studio Tendril.

The voice of the High Priestess was none other than Yetide Badaki, a.k.a. Bilquis.

Have a little novel easter egg courtesy of Shadow Moon’s room number:

The dead-but-still-animated Laura Moon paid a visit to Shadow at his hotel room, and his kiss (ewww) sparked a light inside Laura. These storyboards by director Vincenzo Natali illustrate it:

What filling someone with light looks like:

Green, Fuller, and Ramos shared some glimpses of the police station where we encounter the world of one Mr. World for the first time:

Let’s wrap on a tweet full of possibility. Gillian Anderson‘s Media appeared as David Bowie–and she was a queen as usual–and mentioned starmen waiting in the sky. Fuller told fans in a tweet that this prophecy would be coming true in season two:

What did you think about the introduction of Mr. World? Head to the comments and tell me your thoughts.

Images: Starz

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