AMERICAN GODS Goes Behind the Scenes with Anubis Concept Art, Jinn SFX, and More

Another episode of American Gods, another Old God or two. Jumping around America in the most recent installment of the Starz series brought us face to face with Anubis and the Jinn. Mr. Wednesday didn’t speak to either of them about the upcoming battle (the Jinn appeared in the diner with Mr. Wednesday last week), but instead focused on gaining funds for the purposes of recruitment. His plan: Creating a snowstorm and robbing a bank.

After watching each episode, I make it a point to hop over to Twitter and soak in the fascinating behind-the-scenes images and notes shared by showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green and co-producer Loretta Ramos. Basically, I can’t get enough of American Gods and need more, more, more. I bet I’m not alone, so I’ve gathered the highlights for you in for the form of Anubis’ metallic toes, god form concept art for Anubis, Jinn and Salim special effects, and more.The apartment scene was shot, at least in part, on the first day of filming for the series; it was initially going to open the pilot rather than the third episode. Look at this art for the endless stairs:

It looks pretty close to the finished set, except for the whole not-reaching-into-infinity thing.

Cat problems, amirite?

Much was made of Chris Obi’s shiny Anubis toes:

American Gods costume designer Suttirat Larlarb continues to kill it.

Though I hope we see Anubis god form at some point, I completely agree with Fuller’s comments about Obi being so compelling that you want to watch him rather than a VFX character. Still, look at this concept art:

Back in Chicago, at the home of Czernobog and the Zorya sisters, Shadow met the mysterious third sister. Fuller shared concept art for Zorya Polunochnaya and her costume design.

Switching locations to New York and catching up with Salim and the Jinn, Ramos shared some glimpses at the sets and the BTS SFX.

You know the helpful Kind Man who picked up Mad Sweeney? Well, you’ll enjoy this.

Remember Technical Boy? His origin story was almost introduced in this episode. Here, have a terrifying image.

Finally, for recipes for Mrs. Fadil’s last supper, don’t forget to visit Janice Poon’s website.

Images: Starz

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