Dark Horse Releases Stunning AMERICAN GODS: SHADOWS Variants (Exclusive)

No matter what medium you encounter it, American Gods is certainly capable of taking your breath away with its lush, supernatural aesthetic. But there’s something extra special about bringing Neil Gaiman’s story of Shadow Moon and the Old Gods to a comic book format, which is what Dark Horse Comics have been doing with  American Gods: Shadows, written and laid out by P. Craig Russell. Comics are where Gaiman got his start, after all. Would we even have Shadow if we hadn’t had Sandman first?

We can now exclusively reveal the gorgeous new batch of variant covers for the comic, all thanks to Dark Horse. Two by Glenn Fabry and colorist Adam Brown depict pivotal moments from the plot, when Laura rescues Shadow from the New Gods and when Media makes him an offer through his television screen. The other three, by recently Eisner-nominated cover artist David Mack, feature the gods Shadow encounters throughout his travels in all their surreal splendor. Check out the gallery below to see each cover in agonizingly awesome detail.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little bit before any of these will hit shelves — the next issue of American Gods: Shadows, #3, drops on May 17, and it’ll be a while before they get to #6. In the meantime, be sure to ask your local comic book shop if you can pre-order the comic with them so you’ll have it once it’s released. And while we wait, at least we can still fawn over all this amazing new cover art, right? In the comments below, tell us which of these covers is your favorite of the bunch!

Images: Dark Horse Comics

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