OMG, Would You Look at These New AMERICAN GODS Posters

How many marketing campaigns can you think of that completely embody the acronym/slang word OMG? Even if you can think of some, I bet they aren’t more on freaking point than these new posters for Starz’s American Gods. Showrunner Bryan Fuller shared these images from TV adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel; based on these shots and the footage I’ve seen so far–which, admittedly isn’t a ton–I have hopes that the visuals and story are going to mix the darkness, because oh boy, is there darkness, with a touch of light irreverence.

For example, look at the lil’ bunny pictured with Kristin Chenoweth‘s Easter. The Old God isn’t about the modern interpretation of Easter we all know with chocolate, eggs, and fluffy bunny decor, but she benefits from the worship all the same.

Besides showing off the terrific fashion design for the show, the portraits of the characters feature touches book readers will recognize. Orlando Jones‘ Mr. Nancy has a spider perched on his shoulder with a web in the background. Peter Stormare’s Czernobog has his iconic hammer, dripping blood of course. And Ian McShane‘s Mr. Wednesday? Ravens, duh.

Even if you’re not familiar with the book or the basics (and the basics are essentially that the Old Gods have been brought to America by believers, and now they’re struggling against New Gods like Media and Technical Boy, and a battle is imminent ), take a close look at every pixel of the posters for character clues. You can see all of them in the gallery below.

Based on the new posters, which characters are you most excited to see come to life in the series when it premieres on April 30? Tell me in the comments.

Images: Starz

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