A TWILIGHT ZONE Homage and More Behind-the-Scenes from AMERICAN GODS

Every one of the Old Gods found his or her way into America somehow, and in the most recent American Gods, we saw Mad Sweeney‘s tale. The leprechaun hasn’t been particularly subtle; he’s plowed through the plot like the proverbial bull in the shop of breakables. He’s likable, sure, but now with this new context, he also has more depth and nuance. I found myself looking at the character with a new appreciation, and I can’t deny that him teaming up with Laura Moon makes for a more entertaining duo than Mr. Wednesday and Shadow Moon.

What goes on behind the scenes of American Gods is always as interesting as what’s happening on the screen. Series showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green and co-producer Loretta Ramos break it down every week on Twitter, and they delivered all kinds of information for the penultimate episode for season one. Read on for a tease about season two, costume sketches, a Twilight Zone homage, and more.Every story begins somewhere, and in this case, it’s with Mr. Ibis. He’s penning the “Coming to America” stories in between his work at the funeral parlor he owns with Mr. Jacquel.

If you’re itching for more scenes featuring Mr. Ibis and Mr. Jacquel, don’t worry because it’s coming in season two. Thank goodness. If you’ve read the novel, you have an idea about what’s ahead.

Now it’s time to travel way back and go to Ireland and meet Essie McGowan (and yes, she’s portrayed by Emily Browning). Here’s a sketch of Essie McGowan’s grandmother’s costume by Suttirat Larlarb alongside the finished product and also images of Essie’s and Mad’s looks:

Oh hey, of course there’s a connection to the 1980 film The Fog.

Sculleries are meant for all sorts of dark deeds.

Flashing forward to Essie’s time in London:

This concept art imagines the outside of the prison Essie and Mad found themselves in. Like Ramos says, so close and yet so far.

Eventually Essie stopped running scams and found a satisfying life in America. The Richardson farm design looks like it’s out of a book.

Essie’s life ends quietly, with Mad at her side. Fuller tweeted it was an homage to an episode of The Twilight Zone. Specifically it’s a nod to “Nothing in the Dark.” The story is about a woman who is afraid of death but finds a peaceful passing when she encounters Death, as portrayed by Robert Redford.

Heading back to the present day and Laura and Mad’s adventures in an ice cream truck (it’s quality spinoff material), look at the scale of this White Buffalo!

And about that trouble-causing bunny, remember it’s more than just a fluffy little creature.

Did your feelings about Mad Sweeney change after the latest episode? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

Featured Image: Starz

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