Seth Rogen’s Working on an AMERICAN GLADIATORS Revival

It’s been nearly a decade since the second  American Gladiators series came to an end, but the over-the-top competition series has a new backer and a potentially a revived show.

MGM is attempting to find a home for the new incarnation of American Gladiators with Seth Rogen attached as an executive producer.

Via Deadline, Rogen and his frequent collaborator Evan Goldberg are connected with the return of American Gladiators, likely as as executive producers. John Ferraro, the co-creator of the original series is also involved with the latest iteration. When it debuted in 1989, American Gladiators found an audience as it pit ordinary people against professional athletes who took on ridiculously hilarious names like Nitro, Zap, and Laser. The competition was open to all, and the contests depicted on screen weren’t strictly based on athletic ability, as seen in the clip below.

It’s unclear how Rogen and Goldberg plan to update American Gladiators for a new generation, but we’re hoping the silly gladiator names will remain. Many of the obstacles and games from the original series look like they would still be really fun to play around in outside of the competition.

Because the television landscape has changed so drastically within the last decade, American Gladiators could conceivably find a home on Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. Alternatively, a return to network television isn’t out of the question.

Are you excited about the potential revival of American Gladiators? And would you try out to be on the show? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

Image: Samuel Goldwyn Television

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