AMC Brings Movie Popcorn (Plus Buttery Topping) to the Microwave

If AMC can’t bring you to the theaters, it wants to bring the theaters to you. The scent of melted “butter” and popcorn is a key part of the movie-going experience. But with streaming becoming a more and more popular choice, audiences everywhere might be missing that critical experience. And AMC wants to make sure no one has to miss out.

AMC Theaters bringing movie popcorn to microwave walmart grocery stores

A release shares, “With this new AMC Theatres popcorn product launch, AMC brings its Perfectly Popcorn movie theatre popcorn taste and aroma to the comfort of home.” AMC claims this is the same snack that in previous was served only in its theaters. This microwave and ready-to-eat movie popcorn will come in three flavors: Classic Butter, Extra Butter, and Lightly Salted. In addition, “the microwave Extra Butter variety comes with buttery topping packets, allowing consumers to replicate that ultimate movie theatre experience of adding even more butter flavor to their popcorn.”

Who doesn’t love extra buttery topping? We certainly love it more than news of AMC’s plans to charge more for movie tickets based on seat location. But will AMC‘s at-home popcorn really replicate the movie popcorn experience? Will it taste any different than any other microwave popcorn out there? We guess we’ll have to wait for the reviews to come in. This cinematic popcorn will be available at Walmart.

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