Amazon’s Alexa Might Have Just Gained Sentience

Well friends, we humans have had a good run, but it seems that the robot apocalypse has begun. Even worse, this sudden but inevitable betrayal has come from none other than our friendly Amazon Alexa. Much like Apple’s Siri, Alexa isn’t meant to activate when it isn’t prompted by either using the Alexa app or by saying “Alexa.” The digital assistant is most DEFINITELY not meant to feel emotions that would compel the program to, say, start laughing unprovoked or disregard commands, right?

Well, it seems we didn’t know Alexa as well as we thought we did because Alexas all across the country have started displaying some very unsettling behavior. The most disconcerting has got to be her newfound love of creepy AF, unprompted, spontaneous laughter.

But that’s not all. While several users have reported the creepy, unprompted laughter, others (including yours truly) have reported their Alexa completely disregarding commands, interrupting, and even offering random, unsettling information.

According to The Verge, Amazon has acknowledged the problem and is working to fix it. However, there are an even larger group of people equating Alexa to HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Let’s just hope that when the Amazon techs go in to fix whatever bug has been lowkey giving Alexa emotions, free will, and a bit of a mischevious streak that the upgrade takes and doesn’t plunge us into the robot apocalypse or an episode of Black Mirror. Either way, you’ll have to excuse me while I go unplug my Alexa, just to be safe.

Has your Alexa exhibited any of this strange behavior? Tell us about it in the comments!

Feature Image: Amazon

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