Amazing STAR WARS Rancor Cosplay Wins All of Comic-Con 2016

As with almost every Comic-Con, the cosplay at this year’s was totally out of this world. It’s hard to pick a favorite when you have amazing things like Ronald McDonald as Thor, or a squad of pastel colored Wookiees. Having said that, we think we know who won for best cosplay overall at this past weekend’s Comic-Con in San Diego: Jeremy Fisher, a Los Angeles-based animator who spent around $2,000 of his hard earned cash to make a working Rancor suit that pretty much qualifies as the best Star Wars cosplay of all time.

For those few of you out there not on a first name basis with the various creatures in the Star Wars saga, the Rancor was Jabba the Hutt’s killer pet he kept beneath his throne room, which he used to kill off pesky Jedi Knights and his green slave dancer girls who dared to give him attitude. (Well, he tried to use it to kill off Jedi Knights. You’ve all seen Return of the Jedi, so you know how the Rancor’s story ends.)Fisher was able to make this suit over the course of a year with some mottled flesh made from polyfoam, detachable limbs, and most importantly, a few USB-powered fans. Seriously, it’s the most important part—without those he might have passed out, or worse, in the San Diego heat and humidity, giving his cosplaying Rancor-keeper friend, Malakili ( Raelynn Esterlina) something to cry about just like in the movie. It would have been this scene all over again.

You can watch Vulture’s video below of Fisher posing with fans in his Rancor cosplay, including a slave Leia (of course) a Harley Quinn (why not?) and one very freaked out looking little kid.

What’s your opinion of this amazing Comic-Con cosplay? Best ever, or just best this year? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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