ALLIGATOR LOKI Bonds with Thor in First Comic Issue

“Family Bonding.” That’s a nice theme for a story. Very wholesome and sweet… Or is it? It’s hard to say when Lokis are involved. But that’s exactly the theme of the first issue of the Alligator Loki comic series. Alligator Loki, the bitiest of Loki variants (we think), devoured our hearts on Disney+’s LokiAnd now, he’s getting his own full adventure as part of Marvel Comics. It’s a big honor. Not every new MCU character makes it onto the pages of Marvel’s comics. But Alligator Loki is no ordinary character. He’s a Loki! And that always means a good time (that may or may not end in tears.) Here’s a deeper look into the Alligator Loki comic and its issue #1.

Comic Series starring a Loki variant and Thor, Thor holding Loki
Marvel Comics

The official description of the Alligator Loki series reads:

He may be smaller, he may be cuter, and… an alligator?! But don’t be deceived, Alligator Loki has all the same attributes as his human counterpart and is ready to get into some trouble!

Honestly, we believe that. Loki equals trouble in any form. And especially you condense all the mischief into a smaller body and add teeth… well, Thor may have his hands full. Alternatively, he could much prefer this version of his brother which can’t snark at him ceaselessly. And in the first issue of the series, they do seem to get along pretty great.

Alligator Loki Comic Series starring a Loki variant and Thor
Marvel Comics

What do Thor and Alligator Loki do together, you ask? Well, obviously, they “get to know one another at an Asgardian amusement park.” I mean, obviously. An in-depth first look at the series courtesy of Marvel brings that sentiment to life.

Alligator Loki Comic Series starring a Loki variant and Thor on a rollar coaster
Marvel Comics
Comic Series starring the alligator variant and Thor arguing over signs
Marvel Comics

Thor has a baby carrier for Loki. And together they do all the normal amusement park things. They check the map and make a plan. They ride the roller coasters. And they even eat cotton candy and buy merch. It looks like a total blast.

Alligator Loki Comic Series starring a Loki variant and Thor having a great time
Marvel Comics

Honestly, this is too cute to handle. And exactly what we need, literally always. Alligator Loki will have 12 issues to its name. And that should keep us happy until this Loki variant (hopefully) returns to our screens. The series is created by writer Alyssa Wong, artist Robert Quinn, and colorist Pete Pantazis. Alligator Loki issues release every other Friday starting March 11 exclusively on the Marvel Unlimited app. And they’ll absolutely make your week.

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