ALL THE OLD KNIVES Trailer Sees Chris Pine Investigate a Double Agent

Chris Pine may or may not be beaming up for Star Trek—we’re feeling optimistic at this point!—but there is no shortage of the actor on our screens this year. Later this year he’ll appear alongside Harry Styles and Florence Pugh in the psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling. But in the span of a week this April he’ll frontline a pair of action-packed films, The Contractor and All The Old Knives. The latter just dropped a thrilling trailer that sees a pair of spies—and former lovers—reunite after one of them is accused of being a double agent. And yep, Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton play said spies. But is one of them really a double agent?

The film follows the fallout of a plane hijacking, during which the hijackers had assistance from the CIA base in Vienna. Now, years later, Henry, one of the agents stationed there during the incident must investigate—and potentially eliminate—his former lover, Celia. The drama! Set to that ominous score, no less!

Chris Pine in All the Old Knives
Pr ime Video

While Celia is certainly the target, it sounds like anyone could be the mole. Including Henry. (Sorry Chris Pine but it’s true!)

Here’s a bit more about what it’s about per Prime Video:

A modern-day espionage thriller that follows Henry (Chris Pine) as he investigates Celia (Thandiwe Newton), a past flame from their days as CIA intelligence officers in Vienna, who is now under suspicion of having been a double agent. Using flashbacks to weave together multiple timelines, All the Old Knives peels back the layers of their past romance and exposes the truth behind a devastating terrorist attack they were unable to stop.

Laurence Fishburne and Jonathan Pryce also star. Janus Metz directs a script from Olen Steinhauer, who wrote the novel.

Old Knives debuts on April 8 on Amazon Prime.

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