All the Best AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Twitter Reactions

After months of anticipation, leaks and detailed breakdowns the Avengers: Infinity War trailer finally hit our screens. Battles, aliens, Wakanda, Dream daddy Thanos, the Infinity War trailer had it all–except sadly the rumored moment that Thanos threw a moon at someone that everyone was talking about after D23. As expected, Twitter lost their collective minds, so we have collated some of the best, funniest and most outrageous reactions for you to enjoy right here.

Cap was clearly very excited by the trailer and he posted it with a perfectly Steve Rogers reaction.

MJ herself was clearly stoked to finally see the trailer unleashed…maybe because it’s her in the Iron Spider suit!! (IT’S CANON GUYS!)

Spider-Scribe Chip Zdarsky was brave enough to deal with the elephant in the room. Chris Evan’s beautiful CGI free beard.

One eagle eyed twitter user @wakandaho noticed a deep cut Spy Kids influence in the trailer…

@Krutika kindly pointed out another fantastic “hunky men bicep curling giant vehicles” moment that we’d somehow missed.

Could it be that the Russo brothers have a not so secret muscle dads bicep curling big metal things fetish? @alsopurple thinks so

As always @maria_giesela came through with the perfect gif tweet combo. And it blew up. When are twitter gunna verify her?

@steph_I_will, the hilarious host of @mistysafro podcast came through with a thread of some of the best Thanos tweets.

The official Walking Dead twitter account was very proud of Michonne kicking butt and taking names on Wakanda.

Everyone’s favorite moment in the trailer was somehow made even better with this tweet by @pfunk1130

It’s been a long day on twitter dot com.

Thank you twitter gods. This was the gift we needed. Even if we didn’t deserve it.

So @_mechinaries hasn’t technically seen the trailer but this picture of Thanos thumb face is just too good.


What was your favorite Infinity War moment? Are you in love with muscle Thanos? Who’s your favorite Avengers Daddy? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Marvel


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