ALL OF US ARE DEAD Teases Sprinting Zombie Fare in New Trailer

2022 is relatively new but Netflix is already moving full steam ahead with content. The streaming service is a nonstop machine with so many movies and series that it makes your head spin. And while it may not be possible (or even desirable) to watch everything, All of Us Are Dead looks like a horror fan’s dream. Especially those who appreciate the running and snarling variety of zombies like the ones we see in Train to Busan. This upcoming Korean drama takes the action into a high school with a group of survivors fighting against impossible odds. I mean, the title isn’t necessarily giving hopeful vibes. 

The series started as a Korean digital comic on WEBTOON called Now At Our School. The complete series is now in English on WEBTOON under the same name as the upcoming tv show, which can be found here.

All of Us Are Dead’s trailer sets up its very easy to follow premise. Kids are going about their normal lives when things go really bad, really quickly. The last place anyone wants to be during a rapid outbreak is a building with lots of people, hallways, stairwells, and hiding spots. Ya know, something like a high school. Tempers will flare, people will die, and things will get bloody and gory as kids work together to save themselves.

photo of teen cast of all of us are dead in trailer standing over a dead body
Yang Hae-sung/Netflix

Honestly, kids being bosses and figuring dire situations out with little to no adult supervision is extremely my jam. The All of Us Are Dead trailer doesn’t show much interaction nor a whisper of dialogue or plot point. And that’s fine. There are zombies crawling like they are in The Exorcist, bloody mouths, and lots of running. Throw in some teen drama, betrayal, and dumb decisions and we are good to go. 

a man screams into camera with a bloody face in all of us are dead trailer

Details are pretty sparse but we do know that it stars a litany of Korean actors like Park Ji-hoo, Yoon Chan-young, and Cho Yi-hyun, among others. It is hitting the streaming service on January 28, a perfect chance to curl up on the couch during this wintry season for some good ole horror fare.

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