New ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL Trailer Showcases an Epic Adventure

Battle Angel Alita is one of the most beloved, iconic, and brilliant manga of all time. It’s also one of the most long running with the first collection coming out in 1990 and the most recent entry debuting earlier in 2018. Fans who’ve been waiting for the live action adaptation, Alita: Battle Angel, can get excited as we’re getting ever closer to the release of the long awaited project, and the latest trailer answers some burning questions we’ve had about the Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron film.This trailer leans into the epic scope of the film with Alita leaping through some particularly amazing wide shots of the Scrapyard–the geographic setting of the manga and film. We also get an idea of which parts of the story the film will be adapting; it looks like they’ll be delving into one of the most iconic story beats with Motorball featured heavily in this teaser. Motorball is a vicious, brutal sport Alita takes up in the third book.One of the best things about this trailer is the use of moments that are instantly recognizable to fans–moments such as Alita smashing the head of Ed Skrein’s Zapan through a table, Alita doing a one fingered handstand, and of course her incredible Motorball skills. This trailer has us excited for the film, which arrives on February 14, 2019.Will you be watching Alita: Battle Angel? Have a moment you’re particularly excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image: 20th Century Fox

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