Merlin’s Beard, Alex and Ani’s HARRY POTTER Jewelry Line is So Cute

Nothing is better than finding ways to take pieces of the magical world of Harry Potter and put it into your everyday life. From Potter-themed snacks to Potter-themed home goods, there are lots of options for Potterheads to make sure Hogwarts is with us always. Of course, we can’t always wear our house crests everywhere we go, and sometimes you need a more subtle way to express your Potter love. The jewelry company Alex and Ani is there for just such occasions with their new Harry Potter jewelry collection.

You may know Alex and Ani from their wildly popular charm bangles, but even if those aren’t your style, there’s something in this collection for you. Even better, all of the pieces are under $100, so there’s something here for everyone.For fans of the classic Alex and Ani adjustable charm bangle, you can pick a Deathly Hallows bracelet (available in gold or silver) or a Hogwarts crest bangle.

Of course, one bracelet style does not a collection make. Therefore, you can also find wrap rings in silver and gold that sport either the Deathly Hallows symbol or Harry’s glasses and lightning bolt scar. You can get yourself some earrings, a necklace, or even a more traditional pull chain bracelet.

And unlike a lot of Harry Potter gear, these aren’t separated by houses, so Slytherins, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, and Gryffindors alike can enjoy this adorable line together, in peace. And with the holiday season right around the corner, this line is perfect for all of the fashionable witches and wizards on your shopping list. To check out the complete line, head to the Alex and Ani website.

Which pieces are your favorites? What other Potter designs would you like to see Alex and Ani tackle? What other fandoms would you like to see Alex and Ani develop into a jewelry line? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Image Credits: Warner Bros./ Alex and Ani

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