DOOM PATROL Adds Alan Tudyk As Surrealist Villain Mr. Nobody

The cast of the upcoming DC Universe streaming platform’s series Doom Patrol continues to draw in A-list level talent; according to Deadline, former Firefly star and Rogue One’s K-2SO,  Alan Tudyk, has joined the cast as the primary villain, Mr. Nobody, a.k.a. Eric Morden. Mr. Nobody was a key adversary to the Doom Patrol in writer Grant Morrison’s celebrated run on the title, in which took the classic DC Comics super team and gave it all a surrealist spin. Tudyk joins the cast on the heels of the news that The Mummy star Brendan Fraser has joined the show in a lead role as Cliff Steele, a.k.a. Robotman.

In the comics, Mr.Nobody was once a member of the Patrol’s main antagonists, the Brotherhood of Evil. Rejected by the team, he tried to prove himself worthy of rejoining by undergoing experiments led by a former Nazi scientist. These experiments gave him the power to drain the sanity from human beings. When this happened though, he was eventually driven insane himself and formed his own brotherhood, the Brotherhood of Dada–so named for the surrealist art movement.

As Mr. Nobody, Corden transforms into a two-dimensional artistic representation of a shadow with an empty space on his chest in the shape of a heart. How they plan to realize that in live-action should prove to be interesting.

The other main members of the cast are Star Trek: Discovery‘s Dwain Murphy as Negative Man, April Bowlby as Elasti-Woman, and Joivan Wade as Cyborg, who is in Doom Patrol for some reason and not on Titans. Diane Guerrero will play Crazy Jane, one of the members created for the team by Grant Morrison during his seminal run. Kelsey Grammer is supposedly in talks to play the Chief, the team’s wheelchair bound leader. If he gets the role, he would have played both a member of the X-Men and the Doom Patrol. This would be an interesting twist, given the remarkable similarities between the two teams, which debuted within months of each other in 1963, leading fans to wonder for decades who really came first.

Are you excited at this fan favorite actor joining the series? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Images: DC Comics, Fox, ABC

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