This AI Turns Movie Text Descriptions Into Abstract Posters

Can you describe your favorite movie in just a few words? Maybe so. But the real challenge is if you can draw it based on those words. Many of the artistically inclined among us can. And would anyone be able to guess what the film is? Who knows? If you can do it, you have more talent than me. But, one creative took it to another level by using artificial intelligence to make abstract posters.

As we learned via Boing Boing, Noah Veltman fed text descriptions of popular films to an AI. In return, the program concocted a graphic version of the words. The AI Veltman uses, VQGAN+CLIP, is quite the artist with an array of clips that tell their own story. (To be clear, the creation credit for VQGAN+CLIP goes to Katherine Crowson along with Ryan Murdoch.)

photo of abstract drawing of Field of Dreams film from AI generator

Noah Veltman

In fact, Veltman made those AI creations a fun guessing game for those who go to his website. There is a page full of pictures that viewers can guess the title. Of course, you can click on “show answer” to see if you are right or to simply cheat. But if you do the latter, you’re taking all the fun out of guessing incorrectly. A couple of them are easy to spot, like the Star Wars one that even a casual fan can discern. But others are not so easy to guess. Good luck trying to figure all of them out!

photo of AI created abstract art poster for Star Wars

Noah Veltman

There’s an in-depth explanation for how it all works for those who desire that type of information. I would try to break it down and explain. But I cannot because it is not my realm of expertise. All I can do is point you towards these delightful abstract posters made by AI. And, maybe if you’re computer savvy, you can go out and make your own. It surely would make for a fun guessing game among friends.

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