Morgan Elsbeth Received the Blade of Talzin in the AHSOKA Finale

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Morgan Elsbeth is more than a fervent follower of Grand Admiral Thrawn. She’s a Dathomirian Nightsister. Morgan heard the Great Mothers’ dreams across the galaxy and made the plan to locate Thrawn. It was Morgan who planned the construction of the Eye of Sion and searched for the map to Peridea. In the Ahsoka finale, the Great Mothers, ancient Dathomirian witches, rewarded Morgan for her help and loyalty. They bestowed her with what seemed like greater power and magicks, and they gave her the Blade of Talzin. The weapon, which the Great Mothers conjured from swirling green magicks, is one we’ve seen in Star Wars before.

The Great Mothers summoning the blade of talzin for Morgan Elsbeth in Ahsoka

What Is the Blade of Talzin?

The Blade of Talzin is a sword made out of Dathomirian magick. Nightsisters can bring it into existence for themselves or to give to others. The Blade of Talzin appears to be metal, with green flames wrapping around its blade. There also appears to be an inscription on it. The blade is strong enough to withstand blows from a lightsaber.

Why the Great Mothers Gifted Morgan Elsbeth with the Blade of Talzin in Ahsoka

Morgan answered the call of the Great Mothers. She found a way to successfully travel to a whole other galaxy and to safely return home. By doing so, she honored her Dathomirian heritage in an immeasurable fashion. For her actions, and likely her belief, the Great Mothers gifted Morgan the Blade of Talzin after Morgan pledged herself to the sisterhood and its old ways. Based on Morgan’s reverence in the moment, we can guess the weapon is legendary, known to the Dathomirian witches.

Morgan Elsbeth holding the blade of talzin in ahsoka

It didn’t take long for Morgan to put the Blade of Talzin to use. In order to give Thrawn and the Great Mothers the best chance at leaving Peridea, she stayed behind to fight Ahsoka, Sabine, and Ezra. Morgan went toe-to-toe with Ahsoka’s two lightsabers, using the Blade of Talzin to destroy one of Ahsoka’s lightsaber hilts. Ultimately, Ahsoka wrested the Blade of Talzin from Morgan and used it to kill her. But with the power the Great Mothers gave her, who knows if Morgan is really dead?

Though Ahsoka held the Blade of Talzin after Morgan’s death, we didn’t see it again as Ahsoka and Sabine made their escape. Perhaps it disappeared back into the ether, waiting to be called upon again.

Has the Blade of Talzin Appeared in Star Wars Before?

Mother Talzin wielding the Blade of Talzin in The Clone Wars, green flame surrounding it

We’ve seen the Blade of Talzin once before in Star Wars. In the sixth season of The Clone Wars (nearly 30 years before the events of Ahsoka), Mother Talzin summoned the weapon to fight Mace Windu at the Temple of Malmourral, a Bardottan demon of war. Talzin was there to perform a ritual sacrifice that would grant her a massive amount of power. She brought the blade out of the ether in a rush of green flames, though the hilt here is different than the hilt when Morgan receives it. Talzin’s magical sword held up well against Mace Windu’s lightsaber, but ultimately, Talzin lost the battle. This was the last time we saw Talzin on the screen.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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