Agricola Meets Mother Goose In The Grimm Forest

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If you’ve ever read a book of fables, or if said book was read to you, there’s a good chance that you’re very familiar with the three little pigs, their three houses, and one very big bad wolf. In the new tabletop game, The Grimm Forest, players will step into the role of the pigs and they will also be given the opportunity to take the big bad wolf down a peg or two, if they can get past each other!

Druid City Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for The Grimm Forest, which has already proven to be wildly successful. And as the name implies, the game isn’t limited to just the three pigs. Several other fairy tale characters, including Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Robin Hood may show up as allies, while trolls, tricksters, and the Evil Queen are definitely less friendly!

One of the more inventive aspects of this game is that the pigs compete for resources to build their houses of straw, wood, and brick. The pigs will have to brave the dangers of the forest if they want to beat their opponents and become the first to build three homes. And when the game asks the players to build the houses, they will actually put them together from the three key components. That’s a clever touch and this game is lavishly illustrated. It’s almost worth buying for the visuals alone! To get the game and its stretch goals, backers only need to put up $49, with free shipping to addresses in the United States. There are also options to buy more than one game, but that’s probably intended for superfans and retailers.

The Grimm Forest Kickstarter campaign will run until Friday, April 14, and the expected shipping date is December of this year. For more information, visit the official Kickstarter campaign page.

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Image Credit: Druid City Games

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