Watch a Woolly Flock of Sheep Move In Perfect Unison

Although there are endless ways to appreciate nature and all its beauty, aerial videography does a particularly spectacular job of delivering a unique perspective. This aerial video of rays in the ocean off Australia’s coast, for example, may make you rethink how they migrate. Now, Israeli drone photographer, Lior Patel, has a new aerial video of animals moving in unison. This time around, featuring sheep on a farm.

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Laughing Squid picked up on Patel’s video (above). The drone photographer posted the video to his Instagram account, noting that for the past seven months he’s been following around a large herd of sheep; covering their entire move from winter to summer pastures.

Patel notes that the herd ranges in size in the time-lapse clip, from somewhere between 1,000 to 1,700 members. And while that’s obviously a lot of sheep, whoever’s herding the woolly flock keeps them in a small, tight unit. At least most of the time.

An aerial image of some sheep moving through a pasture in a herd.

William Hook

As for the actual way the flock moves, it’s somewhat like watching 1,000 grains of rice being poured horizontally through different plots of land, streets, towns, and pastures. And the sheep, of course, appear to move fluidly and cohesively. With members only stopping about every 5 yards to peel off and munch on some plant snacks before rejoining the back of the herd.

Anybody who now wants more aerial looks at nature is in luck. Patel has tons of other drone videos of animals working in unison in mesmerizing ways; including one of flamingos flying through the sky in Israel below. There are also some spectacular aerial videos of sharks coming way too close to people at the beach. Although that one may deliver a double-twist on your perspective of the bloodthirsty fish. One for the unique aerial perspective, the other for rethinking just how close you’ve actually come to sharks eating you in your lifetime.

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Feature image: William Hook

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