The New RICK AND MORTY Episode Will Re-air on Adult Swim!

UPDATE: Unless you had purchased some sort of future-predicting device from the shop of one Mr. Needful (note: maybe think twice about using that), you were likely caught off guard by the surprise new Rick and Morty episode that Adult Swim began streaming live on loop on the evening of April 1st. Some of the show’s biggest fans were unfortunately unable to watch the debut of the episode, and have since been wondering when they might get the chance to get in on all the inside jokes that fellow devotees have been tweeting incessantly ever since. (Yes, there’s a whole bit about Szechuan sauce–you’ll get it soon enough.)As it turns out, Adult Swim will be graciously re-airing the episode every night this week at 10 pm ET/PT. If you’ve been thus far out of the loop on conversations about the episode’s biggest reveals (there were a few), best gags (there were a bunch), and most mortifying instances of existential dread (it’s gonna be a dark season), you can finally get in on the action. And of course, those of us who’ve already caught the episode will no doubt be tuning in again to pick up on the innumerable details we surely missed the first time around.Enjoy, and keep us posted on what you think of the episode!

“He may have manifested some sort of butt.””He can do that?”This is not a drill! And it’s also not working in every area, so it’s a bit of a crap shoot (ironically, the episode is filled with lots of shooting and some literal crap). But you can see if this works for you by clicking HERE now! It’s also airing on repeat on the network.We promise we are not April fooling you. The new episode is everything you’d hope, with Nathan Fillion, Seal Team Rick, the return of Puppet Rick and Morty, and lots of butts and farts. It also has a really high body count, and a new plot twist for Birdperson. We’ve no idea how long this will stay up [edit: now we do– it’s midnight ET/PT] and you can’t rewind, but it has been playing on a loop, so if you catch it in the middle, don’t give up.MINOR SPOILER: We’re still not clear which Rick and Morty are left at the end, but they’re definitely two that can continue adventuring, though Rick says this will be the darkest year of their adventures, and it’s all because McDonald’s no longer makes Mulan-themed Szechuan McNugget sauce…maybe. If the promise of nine more seasons at the end is for real, we’re totally good with that.Are you ready to squanch? Is this actually a memory that’s so good it must be caused by parasites? Does it matter? And is Shoney’s really as awesome as Rick thinks? (Spoiler: yes). Go watch now if you can, and let us know what you think in comments below or on our Facebook page!

Image: Adult Swim

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