Adorable GAME OF THRONES GIFs Make Westeros a Whole Lot Cuter

Westeros has never really been a place someone visits because it look “cute.” Life can be brutal in the Seven Kingdoms. When you aren’t dealing with harsh winters, you’re answering your lord’s call to fight in another brutal war that leaves half the country destroyed. And of course there are the ice demons and dragons to contend with, and no one comes out of those battles looking good. But we’re reconsidering just how adorable the realm could be thanks to these incredible Game of Thrones GIFs that celebrate some of the show’s best characters and events by making them a lot less awful—even if they’re no less deadly.

Animator Eran Mendel has been making GIFs inspired by HBO’s hit show since 2016, and they are some of the best of any kind we’ve ever seen. From Melisandre’s transformation into an old lady to Sam’s “shitty” job at the Citadel, they re-imagine Westeros as a much brighter, warmer place.

These are so adorable they can even make a dragonflame massacre that killed hundreds look like something a kid could enjoy during a Saturday morning cartoon.

And really, was the Night King trying to kill every living person? Or was he just looking to make some new friends?

We almost feel bad Arya killed him. Almost.

Mendel also made an amazing trailer before season eight that features all of the characters playing the show’s theme, in a true GIF of Ice and Fire. Make sure you watch through the end, because in true Game of Thrones fashion, things take a turn for the worse as they always do in Westeros

Hey, HBO, just an FYI, we would watch 1,000 episodes of this show.

You can find the rest of Mendel’s Game of Thrones GIFs here, and you should check all of them out, because even though the Seven Kingdoms is dark and full of terrors, Westeros can still be a cute place to visit.

Images: Eran Mendel

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