Adam Savage and John Hodgman Went Incognito as Chewbacca Duo at Comic-Con

Maker extraordinaire Adam Savage and comedian John Hodgman have been buddies for some time now, so during this most recent Comic-Con, Savage decided to fold his friend into his tradition of walking around the SDCC floor in an identity-concealing costume, typically one that he made himself. Hodgman said that was his first time cosplaying, so to make it special, Savage had the pair go as a classic character: Chewbacca, the beloved Star Wars wookie.

“I’m looking forward to not being able to wear my glasses and having all of my peripheral vision robbed from me,” Hodgman said, tongue firmly in cheek, but it turns out that he managed just fine. Once they got all their undergarments, costume components (including “10-inch disco boots”), and raccoon-eyed makeup on, they hit the floor (navigating it just fine) and warmed the hearts of many a Star Wars fan.

Even in elaborate costume, though, Savage always seems to get recognized by at least a couple fans on the Comic-Con floor, and this time was no exception, thanks to a few eagle-eyed enthusiasts who follow him on Twitter. Perhaps they’re also fervent fans and remember the video from a few months ago in which Savage created the bandolier he wore:

Check out the video above, which also includes a look at the making of the Chewbacca costume, which was based on Lucasfilm archives, so it’s pretty darn accurate. This is just the latest of Savage’s many Comic-Con floor costumes, so let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite!

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Featured image: Norman Chan/

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