Adam Driver Channels Kylo Ren, Says Ewoks Are Real on SNL

Saturday Night Live made its awaited return this week, with second time host Adam Driver, whose monologue focused on the monotonous nature of post-summer small talk. Of course, SNL cast members Aidy Bryant and Beck Bennett all “worked a little, traveled a little” during the show’s summer break, while Pete Davidson just gave a knowing look to camera, given that his summer was obvious tabloid-fodder. Driver took turns trying to manage the repetition of the regular players while slipping in a few  Star Wars references, like teasing a potential spoiler and revealing that Ewoks in fact, are real…if you head to Traverse City, Michigan. Check out the video of Driver’s full monologue here, and keep your ears peeled for Kylo Ren’s theme music:

You’ll also notice Driver’s anger towards Kenan Thompson plays into Kylo Ren’s dark temperament, but thankfully, Thompson escaped being sliced in half. The brief mentions in the monologue, though, were the only major Star Wars shoutouts throughout the episode: the premiere did not include a reprisal of Driver’s “ Matt the Radar Technician” character from his last host job. Maybe another Star Wars sketch would have hit too close to home, since that Undercover Boss sketch did foreshadow something we learned in The Last Jedi: that Kylo Ren is shredded. Either way, we’re glad to see Driver having some fun before he returns to shooting Star Wars: Episode 9 in London.

What did you folks think? Did you like Adam Driver’s second round of hosting? Did you have a favorite sketch of the night? Let’s discuss!

Images: NBC

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