Absurdly Pricey Iron Man Armor with Over 500 Moving Parts

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We’d say there’s some extra “irony” here, given the subject, or we could say it’s especially “fitting.” There seems to be no way to describe this uber expensive collectible from Toys Asia without stumbling into a Dad joke. Suffice it to say, as a startlingly realistic replica, the armor demonstrates how only Tony Stark could step into Iron Man’s boots. And with a $365,000 price tag, only Mr. Stark could really afford it. Still, it’s sure nifty to behold.

We’ve seen several life-sized statues of the Hulkbuster armor, sure, but none have been even a little practical. Now, with 567 individual parts, running on no less than 40 motors, this build of the Mark 43 armor from Age of Ultron might actually be more realistic and complex than of the prop costumes and CG models in the actual movie. Press “start,” and within 30 seconds the whole suit will part open to reveal all its complex interior circuitry. Stream it and see.

Could you actually pop in for some instantaneous cosplay, though? Well, there’s that pesky piece around the collar you’d still need to squeeze your neck up through. And there’s also the question of whether you have the same height, waist, and other measurements as Mr. Stark. Try to imagine an actual human squeezing in with all that complex gear, let alone trying to run around with it. It’s easy to see now that one of the bigger suspensions of disbelief isn’t the concept of repulsors, but the notion that the tech needed to power those blasters could neatly fit around somebody’s palms. Honestly, the bulkiness of the Hulkbuster suit might actually make it more feasible.

Know anybody who’d drop over a quarter million for their Iron Man love? What’s the most expensive collectible you’ve ever bought? Do share in the talkback.

Featured Image Credit: Toys Asia

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