A24’s X Sequel PEARL Delivers Pitchforks, Murder, and Mayhem in First Trailer

Sometimes, it’s hard to say that today’s mainstream horror movies are truly unique. Many of them are either cosplaying as ‘90s teen slashers, sequels that reset timelines in odd ways, or just plain unimaginative. But A24’s X brought something new to the game despite holding onto some classic tropes. There is a group of young adults (with a dash of diversity) who end up in some weirdo location in Texas (sound familiar?). But when you throw in the fact they are making a porn and the cool elderly couple they meet is well, not cool at all, it sure is something. X made waves with fans as a fun and sexy thriller; however, people were curious about Pearl’s backstory. Now, Pearl is getting her own self-titled film and the trailer sure is… something. 

Pearl dives into the past, exploring how she became a cold-blooded killer. She grew up with strict adults all around her, including her overbearing mom and her ailing father who uses a wheelchair. Pearl wants to get away and is even encouraged by a man to do so; however, she knows she cannot leave her duties to family. The only ticket to freedom?

Murder, of course. Pearl gets gruesome in this trailer, killing people (there’s that alligator again) and even a poor feathered friend to break free. She wants the glamorous life but she knows she’s a very bad person. Yikes. The Pearl prequel film doesn’t seem to have the same level of sexy elements as X but there is still some porn and a weird scarecrow scene. Still, it looks like a bloody and twisted good time. 

Pearl movie trailer image

Pearl will hit theaters on September 16. This is pretty impressive for a prequel considering we just got X in March. It’s time to see what this dark villain will do for universal love.

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