Treat the Cinephile in Your Life With These A24 Genre Scented Candles

It’s hard to find a gift for the film fan who already has everything. Their shelves are full of Werner Herzog boxsets and Criterion releases, they likely own all of the classics and have count films you’ve never even heard of in their favorites. So what do you get such a discerning cinephile? Well, A24 and Brooklyn-based fragrance studio Joya have come up with an intriguing and strange set of candles inspired by six genres: Horror, Western, Thriller, Noir, Adventure, and Musical.In case you were wondering the descriptions of the scents are as avant-garde as the concept with each of the candles getting short snappy specification, Horror is “Leathery. Dank. Not unsettling… but not settling,” Western is “Explosive. Sweet. Jarring,” Thriller is “Unorthodox. Roasted. Smoky. Metallic,” Noir gets closest to what sounds like an actual smell with “Velvety. Dark. A little spicy. Like rose jam,” Adventure is “Hot. Sand. Mayan ruins,” and finally Musical is “Green. Lovely. Dewy. Watery.”We’re most intrigued by these odd offerings, and according to A24 they even have a burn time of 50-60 hours, which is approximately 33 movies! If you want to grab one of these–or all of them–for a loved one then they’ll run you $48 each or you can grab three for $120! A high price, but maybe worth it to make the film snob in your life happy?Are you excited to sniff these genre candles? Just want to know what a western movie really smells like? Disappointed that the horror candle doesn’t smell more like blood? Jump into our comments and let us know!

Images: A24

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