A STAR IS BORN’s Trailer Is So Much Better with Muppets

If you belong to a certain contingent of contemporary movie- and music-lovers, then you’ve probably spent the past three months battling stress dreams about not making it to the theater on time for the opening night showing of  A Star Is Born. Ever since the movie’s stellar first trailer dropped in early June, we’ve all been wondering if this latest take on the oft-remade love story could in fact be the second (rather, fourth) coming of the cinematic messiah. Early reviews out of the Toronto Film Festival only made us more excited. But frankly, it’s only now that we recognize the opportunity we’ve missed in reviving the tale with the likes of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. We should have gone with Muppets. Obvious as that may seem now, we were blind to such a cold, hard truth until visionary and probable demigod  Kevin Porter gave us a brief glimpse into what might have been…

Just two weeks prior to A Star Is Born‘s theatrical release, comedian Porter graced Twitter with his exemplary edit of a bevy of old clips from the Muppet canon over the audio from the film’s aforementioned debut trailer. The result does make us eager for the inevitable fifth, Jim Henson Company-produced version of A Star Is Born, but also does get ever the more jazzed for Cooper’s directorial debut. It may not have the likes of Beeker or Swedish Chef, but Sam Elliott isn’t entirely un-Muppet-like.

A Star Is Born hits theaters on October 5. A Star Is Boar does not.

Image: Disney/The Jim Henson Company

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