A STAR IS BORN’s Lady Gaga-Bradley Cooper Duet Is the Only Thing Worth Seeing Today

It feels like we’re all being beaten to a pulp by the news cycle every day. Then we’re pulled up off the mat the next day and beaten down again. However, there are some bright spots. For example, Bradley Cooper‘s directorial debut,  A Star Is Born, starring Lady Gaga and Cooper, is gearing up to be a full on phenomenon. The trailers have inspired countless memes (ahem, like this Muppets parody), quotes, and repeat viewings. It’s safe to say the Internet is a little obsessed with the upcoming musical drama…especially the music. So today, when we as a society needed it most, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper blessed us with the full length version of “Shallow,” the striking song which has been a part of many of A Star is Born‘s trailers–a memorable tune even after only hearing a few chords.

Forget your troubles, succumb to the brilliance, and maybe shed a tear or two (we’re right there with you) at its beauty:

Take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay. We’re far from the shallow now.

This film is a remake of the 1937 film starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March, which was in turn adapted into a musical with 1954 with Judy Garland and James Mason and in 1976 with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. Whew, got all that? No? Just listen to the song again.

A Star is Born hits theaters October 5.

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

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