A Speed Runner Has Beaten Every Single NES Game Ever Released

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It’s a pretty safe assumption that most gamers aren’t even aware of every single title that comprise the list of NES titles that were released for the system. Fewer still have managed to play all 714 games. But now, there’s at least one man who can successfully claim that he’s beaten every single NES game

Via Kotaku, Piotr Delgado “ The Mexican Runner” Kusielczuk has documented his journey to beat every NES game since 2014. All told, it took Kusielczuk 900 days to accomplish his goal, and 206,112 minutes of gameplay. Kusielczuk is an established speed runner who already holds records in games like Contra and Battletoads. But as noted in Kotaku’s original report, not every NES game was designed to be beaten. Apparently, titles like the Miracle Piano Teaching System “took longer to beat than most RPGs.”

Even if a gamer owned every single NES title that was released in North America, they would only have 679 games to beat. Kusielczuk went a step further by also going after the 35 titles that were only released in European countries. That brought his total up to the fabled 714.

Kusielczuk symbolically finished his quest by performing a speed run through Super Mario Bro. 3. And for what he’s done, Kusielczuk deserves a place in the gaming history books. But now that he’s proven that this can be done, it’s inevitable that someone will try to do it again by beating his time. That’s the nature of the speed runners. Someone is always gunning to beat the best times. Kusielczuk may have set the inaugural record here, but it’s just a matter of time before someone matches or surpasses his greatest accomplishment.

What do you think about Kusielczuk’s quest to beat every single NES game? Blow on an NES cartridge, and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

Image Credit: The Mexican Runner

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