A QUIET PLACE PART II First Reactions Offer Loud Praise

There was a lot of skepticism about A Quiet Place when it came to theaters in 2018. John Krasinski, the guy from The Office, had written and directed a horror movie? And he cast his wife in it? Okay, we’re joking about the wife part. He’s married to Emily Blunt and she’s amazing in everything. But even with her in a starring role, not many people expected the film to be as good as it was. But it definitely delivered, proving a hit with audiences and critics alike. You would think exceeding all expectations would be enough to silence doubters forever. And yet when it was announced the movie was getting a sequel, some questioned if a followup could work. Now the first reactions for A Quiet Place Part II are in.

They all say the same thing loud and clear: Krasinski has done it again.

Unlike most films, initial reactions to the movie are not mixed. They are unquestionably positive, with nary a negative word spoken. There’s also a lot of praise for John Krasinski’s work behind the camera. Many who saw the first screening of the film raved about how tense it is from start to finish. If you love feeling like your stomach has been twisted into knots for a couple of hours, this sounds like just the movie for you.

Critics who saw the movie also had a lot of compliments for newcomer to the franchise Cillian Murphy. We’re not sure why anyone would be surprised by him being great. He’s always fantastic. They also raved about the performance of the original film’s breakout star, Millicent Simmonds. According to critics, she is, once again, a standout in the story.

First reactions to movies don’t always prove to be the best barometer for how good a film is. Sometimes they tend to overrate how much they really connect with audiences and reviewers. But it’s a great sign when everyone seems to be in agreement the movie is great. And we do mean “everyone.” This might be the “worst” thing anyone had to say about A Quiet Place Part II.

There are a whole lot of sequels we wish lived up to the standard of “really solid.” Seriously, when that’s the harshest criticism someone has for any movie, we’re going to be hyped to see it.

It also sounds like we shouldn’t expect the same type of skepticism about any future films in the franchise. Few believed in the original movie. Many doubted if a sequel could work. But now some are already calling for a third film in the series.

It sounds like John Krasinski has once again found the right formula for horror with A Quiet Place Part II. It involves using silence to create a tense and worthy sequel. Maybe the doubters will stay quiet for good now.

A Quiet Place Part II also stars Noah Jupe and Djimon Hounsou. It comes to theaters later this month on March 20.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures

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