A One-Man Quartet Takes A Musical Journey Through Board Games

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At first glance, The Happy Luza’s YouTube channel looks just like the other board game reviewers out there. Detailed and instructional reviews with an overflowing shelf of board games behind him, vlogs from Essen, and board game news are part of the video lineup.

But the word “musical” on quite a few of those videos should catch your eye. Dave Luza, a Dice Tower contributor who lives in Europe, puts a creative new spin on tabletop game YouTube videos by bursting into inventive, original songs.

Luza sings his songs solo thanks to expert editing, forming a one-man quartet of singers and characters complete with amusing, improvised costumes.

Part comedy and part instruction, Luza’s musical videos poke fun at both tabletop games and gamers. The rude player in Ticket to Ride: United Kingdom who plays Pokémon Go during the session might hit a little too close to home, but you’ll be tapping your foot along with the song while you laugh at Luza’s ingenuity.

Luza also takes advantage of his location, filming a musical look at the history of Carcassone in an actual castle and enlisting his family for an unforgettable take on Potion Explosion.

If music and laughter aren’t your thing (who are you?), you can also check out Luza’s more traditional board game news and reviews in his burgeoning YouTube channel.

Which game would inspire you to burst into song? Tell us about it in the comments.

All Images: TheHappyLuza

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