A New Startup Wants to Have a Pregnant Person Give Birth in Space

Remember that scene in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, where a woman goes into labor in space and gives birth to a baby Captain Kirk? Well, if you ever wanted to deliver your child in the cold, black depths of outer space just like in the movies, you may soon have your chance. According to a report in The Atlantic, an organization from the Netherlands called SpaceLife Origin is looking to send a pregnant woman out into Earth orbit, and with the aid of a “world class medical team,” actually give birth in space. After the 24-to-36 hour mission is completed, mother and child will be sent promptly back to Earth. This endeavor has been given the name “Mission Cradle.”So you may be asking yourself, just why would anyone want to do such a thing, besides making for an interesting and complicated birth certificate for said newborn? And the answer is actually one that makes sense. With climate change possibly causing all kinds of environmental catastrophe in the not-too-distant future, the likelihood of humans having to venture forth into other worlds to keep the species alive is a real possibility. And we need to know what kind of effects giving birth in zero gravity would have on both child and mother. We admit, that all sounds a bit less crazy when you put it in that context.According to SpaceLife Origin’s website, the company is hoping that they can actually launch Mission Cradle in 2024. No word yet on what the application process will be like to be the woman charged with having the first space baby.

Images: Paramount Pictures/Warner Bros

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