A Look Back at Mario’s Minus World

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I’m in love with the landscape of modern gaming, but I sometimes look back on the days of the original Nintendo system with a warm fondness and nostalgia for simpler times. Back in my day (sorry) we didn’t have a lot of ways to learn about tips or tricks in games beyond Nintendo Power or some very expensive tip lines. When your friend came over to your house, like in person, and told you about a crazy glitch or trick, well it stuck. The “Minus World” was one that apparently stuck for everybody and is remembered quite fondly today.

Need a refresher? Check out this video here, as it not only explains the minus world glitch but also exactly how it happens. Watch, enjoy… I’ll be here when you’re done.

Neat, huh? It’s crazy how much we’ve been able to unpack from these old classics. It’s also crazy how many times I got into the minus world as a kid, even though I knew it was a death sentence. There’s just something novel about exploiting glitches, except when you clip through the floor of a game and fall to your death.

How about that name too? It sounds so much cooler than it should. It could have been “Blank World” or “Nothing World,” but “Minus World”? Yes, please.

I dug around on the Minus World subject and found another useful video. YouTuber JWittz also tells you how it actually works, but he also includes some info on the glitch as it plays out on the Famicom system in Japan. Unsurprisingly, it’s way more wacky.

Oh YouTube, you’re so much lot better then a 900 number for interesting Nintendo facts and tips. On that subject, how many of you out there in Geek & Sundry land actually called those old help lines? Is it strange that I used to think that would be a pretty good job?

Let us know your experiences with Minus World or any glitch world in the comments below. Plus tell us your stories of old Nintendo Tip Line calls. We want to know, and it doesn’t cost you 4.99 a minute! 

Header Image Credit:  MagicScrumpy

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