A HARRY POTTER-Inspired Pub (with Real Magic!) Could Open Next Year

Could you imagine turning a corner in London and finding a place where magic is real? It could happen, thanks to Matthew Cortland’s dream for The Cauldron. He’s turning to Kickstarter to try to conjure funds to open the doors to a Harry Potter-inspired wizarding pub and inn. The premise behind the joint? Cortland wants to present a cozy setting full of magic created by blending technology and design to maximum effect.

So, The Cauldron Wizarding Pub & Inn would combine magic, snacks, alcohol, and tech in a fantasy series-esque decor. It sounds like a pitch perfect potion for geekiness and fun. Cortland shows off the general concept in this video:

The wand technology is only the tip of the iceberg. Other magic abounds, like floating candles:

If you have some free time, hit up this playlist on YouTube to see more of the whimsical touches for the pub, as well as closer looks at menu and the pub’s layout.

Interested in this concept? You can pledge your galleons and sickles–okay, they actually need real money–to the pub when the Kickstarter launches on June 26. Signing up for a reminder at The Cauldron’s website will ensure a ping when the crowdfunding campaign launches. Rewards will include personalized letters, pint glasses, a moving photo on the pub’s walls, 3D-printed access keys to the secret bar (yes, a secret bar!) within the pub, and much more. They’ve clearly put some thought into what aspiring witches and wizards might want. If the project is successfully funded, it’s estimated opening will be in 2018.

Does The Cauldron sound like the kind of place you’d go? What magic would you want to see them replicate with technology? Cast a spell and share your opinions in the comments.

Featured Image:Warner Bros.

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