A Guide To The Shiniest Firefly Games In The ‘Verse

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It seems like not that long ago: the hun dan at 20th Century Fox made the decision to cancel Firefly after one short, glorious half-season. Official content has been scarce for most of the 14 years since then, but a little while back, a trickle of Firefly games came out and widened into a small stream of games that go well with a cunning hat and a dictionary full of the colorful language to use on friends and family if things get competitive. Chances are Browncoats are familiar with the themed Monopoly, Clue and Yahtzee versions (not to mention this deckbuilder released this year), so this list focuses on the other games that truly make players feel like Big Damn Heroes when they win.

Firefly Fluxx

Fluxx is a fast playing game that’s seen themes ranging from Cthulhu to Monty Python applied to ever changing game play. The game starts out simple—draw a card, play a card—but every card has the potential to switch up the rules. Firefly Fluxx brings lovely character art and a new batch of cards to the table. It can be played alone, or tossed in with existing sets to create even more chaos.

Firefly: Tall Card

Fans love having the same experiences the favorite characters do (you know, other than death). That’s why Star Trek fans puzzled out how Tri-D chess was played or Harry Potter fans invented “ Muggle Quidditch” to play out on the field. Tall Card was featured in the fourth episode of the show. The official game was released by Toy Vault in 2014, which plays a lot like poker, fitting the space western feel of the show. Interestingly, the game comes with additional cards that allow diehard fans to play one of the many fan-made variants of the game created on the Internet.

Firefly: The Game

Fans wonder what it might be like to be the captain of a Firefly-class transport have the opportunity to try their hands in Gale Force Nine’s Firefly: The Game. Each player assumes the role of captain goes about doing captain-y things–hiring crew, upgrading their ship, and making tough decisions between simple, easy jobs that don’t pay much and bigger payoffs that might lead to some… unsavory situations. Expansions for the game include more planets, more ships, and rules for battling other players directly as pirates. Not to mention super shiny upgrades that can hold all these expansions in one box.

Firefly the RPG

In 2005, Margaret Weis Productions released a Serenity RPG to go along with the film. In 2014, the company released the Firefly RPG, which focused on the series as a whole. Firefly RPG has rules that focus on making the game feel like lost episodes of the show, with a episode guide that shows players how to play using examples taken directly from the scripts. Players can play as the original crew, brand-new characters made for the game, or a mix of the two. The game even encourages groups to build their ship like a character to reflect Serenity’s status as the 10th character in the show.

What’s your favorite Firefly game? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image: 20th Century Fox

Image credit: Looney Labs, Toy Vault, Gale Force Nine

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