A GALAXY QUEST TV Series Is in the Works at Paramount+

Nostalgia is in vogue right now. With Paramount+’s Star Trek universe continuing to expand across our screens, it seems like the perfect time for another galactic adventure to emerge. Yes, we’re talking about Galaxy Quest. The beloved cult-classic movie is a perfect parody of the Star Trek world and other such space adventures. And now, it may come to us in a whole new way. Reports indicate that a Galaxy Quest TV series is in early development at Paramount+.

A Galaxy Quest Series could be coming to Paramount+, the original cast
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According to Variety, we don’t yet know much about this Galaxy Quest series. But it seems Mark Johnson, the producer of the original Galaxy Quest movie, will return to executive produce the series should it take shape. The original movie released in 1999. And it was quickly embraced by Trekkies, who even voted it as one of the best Star Trek movies of all time.

In Galaxy Quest, a meta-comedy unrolls. The cast of a Star Trek-like series is recruited by aliens, who think the show is real, to help aid in matters of universal conflict. Given how Star Trek and fandom have evolved over the years, there’s plenty of new ground to tread. And who doesn’t love to see some humorous but loving ribbing? In 2015, Amazon reportedly began to develop a series version of the movie featuring the original cast. But that version never came together.

Still, never give up, never surrender! With both new Star Trek content and the potential Galaxy Quest series slated to live on Paramount+, the space for Easter eggs and crossovers is endless. The series could be better than ever. It sounds like a perfect match to us, anyway.

The original Galaxy Quest movie had an iconic cast featuring the likes of Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub, Sam Rockwell, Daryl Mitchell, Justin Long, Enrico Colantoni, Robin Sachs, and more. So we’d expect a stellar line-up of actors in a series remake as well. But it seems like we’re a long way away from casting news of any kind. Still, we can start dreaming.

It’s early days yet for the Galaxy Quest series. We’ll cross our fingers that it can live long and prosper.

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