A Bunch of Props from THE OFFICE Set Are Up for Auction

Back in 2013, fans of The Office had the opportunity to bid on and own a bunch of props used in the show—everything from an honest-to-goodness Dundee Award to Michael Scott’s kettle drum to Phyllis’ knitting set. If this is the first you’re hearing about this and you’re kicking yourself about missing out on that opportunity, we have good news: Many more props from the show are up for auction now, and there’s a solid chance that you could walk away with something (via BoingBoing). Since the show was set in an office, a lot of props were straight-up office supplies. As of this writing, items with current bids under $100 include Toby’s paper desk pad, Meredith’s mouse, and Nellie’s keyboard, among others. If you want something that’s actually recognizable as being from the show (and you have some money to burn), you can snag the iconic semi-circle reception desk (with a current bid at $5,500), Michael’s office desk ($4,600), the conference room table and chairs ($3,400), and a Dunder Mifflin glass door ($3,600).

Somewhere in the middle of those price points are some more interesting iconic items as well, like a Vance Refrigeration sign, a framed photo of Mose, Michael’s infamously bright and loud neon sign, the sheet of paper that had Michael’s hangman game about Stanley’s affair, and a handful of scripts from various episodes. There’s something for everybody here, so browse the entire catalogue of available items here.

If money were no object, which prop would you want this most? Share your thoughts down in the comments!

Featured image: NBC

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