A Balloon Popping Underwater Looks Like A Real-Life Stargate

There’s something about water that can be breathtakingly beautiful. Maybe it’s the wetness. Whatever it is, it’s like a crackling campfire in that it’s hard to look away from. Combine the wonders of aquatic thrills with high-speed video and you’re in business. That’s what Warped Perception did in their video that answers a simple question: What does it look like when a balloon filled with air pops underwater?

The answer that most immediately comes to mind is that it looks a lot like a water balloon popping in the air. It’s kind of the opposite, and yet, the same thing happens: Once the balloon is popped, the rubber peels away from the bulb of air/water inside. It seems to take a second for the balloon innards to realize that it’s not confined anymore before it breaks out and falls flat. While water makes its way down, though, air pushes itself up through the water and forms a sort of aquatic Stargate, a tube that pulls the middle of its mass through itself… if that makes sense.

When paired with the serene music that scores this video, it’s a real majestic scene that looks like a jellyfish fleeing an attacker, or perhaps how a sound wave would appear if we could see them. That’s our take, but tell us: What does this video remind you of? We’re always open to seeing more stuff looking awesome in slow motion, so feel free to hit us up on Twitter and share some prime high-speed clips.

Featured image: Warped Perception/YouTube

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