A 16-Year-Old Contortionist Practices Foot Archery with a Human Belt

Summer is the perfect time for kids to go outside and take interest in things beyond the world of screens.

For 16-year-old circus performer Anne Arellano, that means performing crazy stunts and amazing contortions. Arellano’s daily workout is like no other. Sure, there’s cardio and strength-training, but her exercise also includes feats of flexibility and coordination that go above and beyond. For her 16th birthday, Anne decided to try out a new challenge. She could already shoot a bow and arrow with her feet, so she added another tricky element: a human one. Look closely—that’s another kid wrapped around her like a belt.

Foot archery is a contortionist trick that takes a lot of skill and determination on its own. To take things to this next level, a lot of strength training is entailed. Arellano’s Instagram is full of daily exercises that are powerful and inspiring. Practicing new stunts at home and posting them on social media, Arellano is able to show the progression of her performances and let us those of us who aren’t so coordinated witness the wonder of amazing flexibility.

Getting someone to agree to be wrapped around your waist as you fire off arrows is an ask that requires a lot of trust. Anne is a part of a group of kid performers, known as Le Petit Cirque, who travel and perform their acts all over the world, and have even been featured on the NBC show Little Big Shots.

To keep up with Anne’s next big stunt, follow her Instagram @annearellano_.

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Image: Anne Arellano

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