Disney’s New ’90s Flashback Collection Is Pure Nostalgia

Everyone seems to look back on the ’90s with a certain amount of nostalgia. The VHS tapes, the stellar animated programming on television and in movies, the fashion, the music, and the list goes on, but one of the biggest sources of nostalgia for kids who grew up in the ’90s has to do with Disney. With releases of amazing movies like The Lion King, Aladdin,  Hercules, Pocahontas, Mulan, and the original animated Beauty and the Beast, that era held a lot of magic for many of us. But whether you were a ’90s kid or not, Disney just launched a brand new line of clothes and accessories called Oh My Disney’s ’90s Flashback Collection to help you not only channel the era but to celebrate those well-loved, modern classic animated films. Whether you need an outfit, an accessory, or adorable touches to your home or dorm, this line has you covered.For those who are looking for a creative and cute way to show their Disney love in almost any outfit, you can snag one of these absolutely adorable VHS-inspired clutches. Each clutch is brightly-colored, has a metal clasp, and lets you represent your absolute favorite Disney animated movie from the ’90s in a unique and fashionable way.Of course, if you’re not a clutch fan, but you’re still digging the VHS vibes, you can still pay homage to the antiquated form of entertainment with these VHS journals.But Disney love isn’t just about the accessories. If you want to add some 90s Disney magic to your home, this new line has got some cups, mugs, and the most 1990s-inspired clock we’ve seen since, well, the actual ’90s.But we know that the best part of these lines are the cute and creative additions you can make to your wardrobe. And while we love great accessories, nothing beats adorable jackets, pullovers, and tees, right? This line is full of adorable pieces to add to your wardrobe, regardless of your style, and with colder weather finally rolling in, it’s the perfect time to add pieces to your wardrobe like this Aladdin jean jacket or this Goofy Movie pullover.Disney has absolutely outdone itself with this line, and we totally wouldn’t blame you if you felt like you had to snag one of each for yourself. The line is available now, and you can explore all of the goodies that this ’90s Flashback line has to offer for yourself at shopDisney.Which items in this new line are your favorites? Tell us all about your faves in the comments below!

Image credits: Oh My Disney/ shopDisney

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