8 Episodes of The X-Files That Will Keep You Up Tonight

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Whether it’s the actors, music, settings, plot lines or that theme song The X-Files is pretty creepy. I find it difficult to watch at night simply because it manages to seem even scarier. But it’s not just scary. Some episodes are just plain disturbing while others seem just a little too real. Check out these episodes below that are sure to keep you awake tonight.


What’s creepier than an inbred family of brothers living in small-town America? Small towns are dark and scary enough without adding in the murder of the Sheriff and a dead baby found in a shallow grave. This Season 4 episode is one of the most disturbing of the show. Good luck sleeping after watching this one!


This episode is terrifying because it’s totally possible. When young Jewel Staite is kidnaped from her bedroom by a creepy old man, it isn’t totally out of the realm of possibility. Add in a waitress who is somehow psychically connected to the girl and it’s even freakier. Plus the waitress almost goes to jail for helping when she is innocent. That’s pretty scary!

Darkness Falls

How scary is the dark? When a group of loggers are discovered dead, Scully and Mulder go to investigate. How exciting it is when they realize it’s a swarm of insects and the only way to keep them from attacking is light. Night is already terrifying and then you add in these insects who attack you when the lights go out. Great. This is just what I needed to think about tonight.


Have you ever hoped to be buried alive? Me neither. In fact, that seems to be the worst case scenario. Thinking about teenagers possibly killing their parents by burying them alive is also super creepy. Can you please just do your homework and not murder anyone? Thanks. I might never have children now.


Ugh, how creepy are baby dolls? Also, eye gouging is just not something I want to experience. Plus when masses of people start uncontrollably doing something, I get this whole fear of brainwashing, which is totally a real thing right?

Folie a Deux

I mean, it’s not strange at all to think your boss is a monster right? I think if you did a poll you’d find that lots of people feel this way. But how many of your bosses are actually monsters? Not many I’m guessing. This idea of people not being able to tell that there are monsters walking is pretty terrifying. What if my boss is actually a zombie, but I just can’t see it? And you’d think by Season 5 Scully would believe Mulder a lot more than she does. He ends up being right about these insane situations more than I’d like.

How the Ghosts Stole Christmas

Haunted house, no thank you, but nothing says Christmas like ghosts. Haven’t you seen Mickey’s Christmas Carol? Ghosts are a Christmas institution. All of the typical haunted house fears come into play in this Season 6 episode. Scully and Mulder decide to split up because they’ve never seen an episode of Scooby Doo obviously. Luckily they only end up shooting each other thanks to those pesky ghosts. The possibility of Mulder and Scully hating each other is almost as scary as the ghosts to be honest.

Our Town

Ever thought that a cult of cannibals might be secretly putting their victims into your favorite fast food chicken? No? Well, now you will. If I wasn’t a vegetarian before, this episode would’ve changed my thoughts on meat forever. With a disgusting meat processing plant and the creepiness of a cult, this episode has everything needed to keep you from enjoying a good night’s sleep or chicken sandwich ever again.

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