65’s Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblatt Discuss Favorite Adam Driver Memes

Regardless of the role he plays, Adam Driver makes an impression. This time, it’s as Commander Mills in 65. The sci-fi film sees Driver end up in a parallel universe with a young charge—a parallel universe that involves prehistoric Earth. That means dinosaurs and all the danger inherent to that type of environment. When we talked to Driver and his costar Ariana Greenblatt, who plays Koa, about the movie, we discussed how Driver’s performances often make such an impression that they lead to memes.

We’re not surprised that Driver doesn’t have a favorite Adam Driver meme. We will forever hold him saying “meme factory” close to our hearts, though. Greenblatt, however, definitely has a favorite one, and it’s the “good soup” meme. Though “good soup” spread around TikTok in 2021, it’s actually from a 2017 episode of Girls.

Greenblatt mentioned whenever she posts about 65 on social media, she gets a lot of “good soup” in her DMs. We kind of hope she’s shared this with Driver at some point.

Adam Driver and Dinosaur skull in 65 trailer

Now, will there be good soup in 65? It seems unlikely that the action adventure leaves much time for lingering over meals. But perhaps the film will give us more memeable Driver moments. Watch the trailer to get a taste of the movie and its dino-terrors.

If we’d trust anyone to get us through prehistoric danger, it’s Driver’s Mills. Koa is in good hands.

65 arrives in theaters tomorrow, March 10.

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